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Credential Consultants' enterprise software offers comprehensive solutions for organizations needing documentation, assessment, and data storage/management for international applicant and their credentials. Tailor-made for agencies working with international applicants and their credentials, our proprietary software can help your company run more effectively and efficiently, ensuring timely processing and satisfied customers. Learn more about our software's capabilities below.

Credential Connection TM

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Credential Connection gives you the ability to create multiple customized web portals for your evaluation company's institutions clients, allowing coordination between an evaluation provider and schools, licensing boards, attorneys, etc.

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Our electronic file system facilitates the management of applicants' orders and management of an evaluation company's production; Create, archive, and manage applications all in one convenient portal.

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The admin portal contains an evaluation generator, which automatically creates an evaluation document (as a Microsoft Word file, customized by the evaluation company) using data collected from the customer's application.

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Other Features:

Our proprietary software offers many more features, including:


  • An online web portal which allows the company's customers to easily submit applications and payments online, designed to be displayed on an evaluation company's website;

  • A centralized database that enables the evaluation company to easily save, search and access comparative educational data (such as research about institutions, educational programs, grade scale conversions, majors, U.S. equivalencies, etc);

  • An optional PDF Upload feature that allows both applicants and evaluation company employees/administrators to upload PDF images of documents onto the software (an applicant's ability to upload PDF's can be enabled/disabled by an evaluation company administrator);

  • An online status check portal that allows applicants to check the status of their orders through an evaluation company's website

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